Learning ALWAYS learning – What is…?


WHAT IS PICASSIETTE?: Supposedly derived from the phrase “pique-assiette” – one who eats from others’ plates which also now describes a style of mosiac that incorporates pieces of broken ceramics – plates, dishes, cups, tiles – and other found objects into the design. I love this technique – what do you think?

Mirror Sun


This would have to be one of the heaviest mirrors I have ever encountered. I have let the concept of the requested sunflower simmer on the backburner for some time. It was only when tidying up last weekend that I came across these old yellow saucers and the idea started to percolate. I’ve now completed the petals and the sunflower ‘inner’. 







The Art of Sharing


I am constantly amazed at social media. I am an aspiring artist and, through a few advertising ‘boosts on facebook’ I now have over 16,000 likes. I’m still at odds to understand what this really means – as in, what this really translates to. I know it means people “Like” what they see but, in terms of where one goes in further promotion of their art – I remain at a loss… Any thoughts, comments, philosophies appreciated!

Yours, Artistically Inspired


Fish platter


imageI really struggled with the fish face and then spent several days deciding on the background fill as I wanted the platter to have a sense of depth. I was concerned about the piece looking too like a cartoon – I think the liquid glass ensured a depth and sense of realism.